01. Introduction

Bratislava Audio Tour will help you to orientate yourself to this city, its people and the culture.

Each audio track describes one place of interest in Bratislava.

The whole tour can be completed in about 4 hours using only your feet and your iPod or other MP3 players. In every track, you will hear info on how to get to the next place but for better orientation, we recommend you to also use the attached map.

Starting with the castle providing the superb panoramic view on the old and new part of the city and even to Austria, then going to a Gothic cathedral where coronations of Hungarian kings were held, old Opera House with the romantic mythological fountain in front, continuing to the Main Square, full of history guarded by the mysterious statue of a knight, then Primate’s Palace with the Mirror Hall where the famous Peace Treaty with Napoleon was signed and finally reaching the Tower gate and classical President’s Palace where famous composer Joseph Haydn used to have concerts.

Bratislava is situated in the foothills of the very small mountains adequately named the Small Carpathians sitting on both banks of the river Danube, which encompasses 370 square kilometers.

It is quite easy to get anywhere from Bratislava. Vienna is about 1 hour by train or car and the borders of Hungary and the Czech Republic are nearby.

The Bratislava airport, 10 min by car from the centre, is administered by the various, mainly low-cost airlines such as Ryanair making direct flights to most European capitals.

Another airport- Schwechat- The Vienna main airport- which is used also for transatlantic flights is only about 40 km away from Bratislava with frequent bus connections to Bratislava.

Bratislava has about half a million inhabitants. It is the capital of Slovak Republic, one of the youngest states in Europe and a member of the European Union, OECD and NATO.

In the mid 19th century, the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen described this city as a fairytale. Nowadays Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak republic evokes this atmosphere more than ever before.

Its cosy nice town centre- where most landmarks are within walking distance- is still not overrun by tourists so you can feel the local atmosphere everywhere around you.

Everything important about these and other places you will hear in this Audio Tour of Bratislava.

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Download, listen and enjoy.