Bratislava Audio Tour project is managed by enthusiasts who felt that Bratislava needed such offering.

All texts have been written specifically for these recordings having in mind these basic rules– tracks need to be understandable, not too long and balanced with not only facts and figures but also legends and interesting background information.

Bratislava has a quite small city centre which is great for our purpose- most points of interest are in walking distance.


Brano Pokrivcak – website founder and author of the tour script.

  • Bratislava-born travel guide veteran, currently primarily active in marketing and information technologies.

Curtis Irwin- “voice of the tour” and script co-author.

  • American by birth but Slovak in heart spending the last six years trying to learn Slovak and understand the soul of Bratislava. His mission not yet completed. Holds a B.S. in Communications and is pursuing his career in Training & Development.

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