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Bratislava tour

01. Introduction

Each audio track describes one place of interest in Bratislava.Starting with the castle providing the superb panoramic view on the old and new part of the city and even to Austria, then going to a Gothic cathedral where coronations of Hungarian kings were held, old Opera House with the romantic mythological fountain in front, continuing to the Main Square, full of history guarded by the mysterious statue of a knight, then Primate’s Palace with the Mirror Hall where the famous Peace Treaty with Napoleon was signed and finally reaching the Tower gate and classical President’s Palace where famous composer Joseph Haydn used to have concerts.

02. Castle Hillcastle view

You will learn which Danube bridge has been accommodated by UFO, how Slovak national anthem sounds (sung by the male choir), why has the Slovak Republic three colours on its flag, where the Parliament has its sessions.

03. Castle
Bratislava Castle

Which of four castle towers is the highest? What was the beauty ideal 25 thousand years ago? When G.W. Bush met Putin?




04. Good ShepherdShephardHouse

Find the Good Shepherd on the house facade? Why is Jewish Street without Jews? Who was coronated in St. Martin’s Cathedral? How much gold was used for the crown on tower top?


05. Inside St.Martin’s Cathedral

In this audio track you will learn: how can saint turn into the archbishop in forty years, which Beethoven’s composition had a world premiere here and who is buried under..



06. Bird Fountain

Bird FountainWhere can wine gurgle from fountain, learn a way how Beethoven flirted with noble ladies, what was the greatest achievement of queen Marie Therese- 40 years of rule or 16 children, where is the weirdest statue in Bratislava, and two legends about it- sex/love romance or fun, (you can decide which one you like more)


07. Hviezdoslavovo sq.- Opera House

Opera House
About boy loved by supreme God, in 19th-century bronze; where is the highest concentration of classical music in the city; who is the most recognized and most incomprehensible Slovak poet..



08. Main Square (Hlavne namestie)

Hlavne namestie or the Main Square originates from the 13th century before the town itself was founded. The square is unusually small as squares in the Middle Ages, needed to be large enough to serve as the market and communion places.


09. Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall is actually a complex of more buildings connected together in the 15th and later centuries. Thanks to that, you can see, in one place, nice examples of…



10. Primatial Square

Primatial square (Primacialne namestie) is named after the Primate’s Palace which dominates this square. On the opposite side of the square, there is a new Town Hall.



11. Primate’s Palace

What you can see inside the Primate’s Palace. You will also hear about the Mirror hall where the Treaty of Pressburg (German name for Bratislava) was signed and…



12. Michael’s Gate

Michael’s Gate is the only remaining gate from the original medieval fortifications. The original Gothic tower from the 15th century is..

Sokovia, Slovakia- what is a difference.


civil war- slovakia,sokovia
picture source :

Sokovia is a fully fictional country from the Marvel Cinematic universe. It appeared in movies Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Other mentions in movies Ant-Man (mentioned) and Captain America: Civil War (mentioned and footage).

International relations:
It is known for Sokovia Accords- a set of internationally ratified legal documents that provide regulation and frame-working for the military/law enforcement deployment of enhanced individuals, particularly the Avengers.

Sokovia inhabitants use a Cyrillic alphabet (similar to Russian)

Sokovia is located somewhere near Czech Republic and Austria.


Slovakia is a real country in Central Eastern Europe with the population of 5 million and the capital city Bratislava.

International relations:
It is known as a location where the famous Treaty of Pressburg was signed. It happened about 200 years ago during the Napoleon wars.

In Slovakia, the common latin alphabet is used (similar to English), with few special characters, e.g. č,š,ť,ž,ň,ä,ô.

Slovakia is located near Czech Republic and Austria. From Bratislava, you can reach the borders of both these neighbouring countries in less than 20 minutes by car.

MP3 download

Self-guided Bratislava Audio Tour is your essential MP3 Bratislava guide covering the best attractions of the capital of Slovakia.
Use your smartphone, iPod, or another MP3 player as the TOUR GUIDE and listen about the Bratislava top attractions while walking in the city center.

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Ice Hockey Hall of Fame moves to Bratislava shopping center during the championship

The Hall of Fame of Slovak ice hockey moves to Avion Shopping Center temporarily in order to be more accessible to Bratislava visitors and spectators of games of  IIHF World Championships.

Exhibition shows not only personal belongings of the famous hockey players of Slovak history but also trophies won by Slovak national team. Full set of medals- gold, silver and bronze- won during the last decade can be seen there as well.

Admission is free and the exhibition is open from 9.00-20.00 every day until end of May 2011. Avion Shopping Center is located close to the Bratislava airport, easily accessible by public transport or by car.

More free Wi-Fi hot-spots in Bratislava center

Twelve new outside Internet hot-spots were put into operation in January 2011 to offer free Internet access to local communities and tourists in Bratislava center. Internet should cover the embankment of the river Danube from the New to Old Bridge (Razusovo and Fajnorovo nabr.).  Taipei Representative Office donated the equipment and access.

In Bratislava center, you can now find the free public Wi-Fi access provided by the local authorities also at Primatial Square and Medicka zahrada garden.

One more reason to look forward to warmer days in Bratislava

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The most popular Bratislava sites, most played audio tracks in 2010

We do year-end summary for Bratislava Audio Tour as well. We have started to use service provider Bandcamp for audio distribution about an year ago. You can benefit from this change also in the way that you can now listen to full audio tracks on the website and download it only if you like it.

Bellow is the chart of the most played MP3 tracks from our audio tour. It is also the list of the most popular Bratislava attractions.
It probably  comes as no surprise that Castle and Main Square attracted most listeners. Continue reading The most popular Bratislava sites, most played audio tracks in 2010