Bratislava Audio Tour press release- English

Press release, Bratislava, 28/5/2008

Bratislava Audio Tour – MP3 guide for foreign visitors to the capital city of the Slovak Republic has been just released on the internet. It consists of eleven tracks with a total duration of more than 40 minutes. Each Bratislava visitor can download them from the website and convert an iPod or other MP3 player into a travel guide and listen to points of interest about the city while strolling.

The Bratislava Audio Tour is targeted for business travellers and individual tourists who do not want to bother with travel books or hiring local guides. Therefore a city center map with an itinerary and all audio points is also part of the package. Project authors are two Bratislava enthusiasts – Slovak and American- who lacked such offering in their own town.

“Almost every traveller now carries with him some MP3-enabled device- iPod or other MP3 player or mobile phone,” says Brano Pokrivcak, project founder, “MP3 audio guide is therefore the ideal way to learn about Bratislava at their own pace and without any limits.”

Narrator, Curtis Irwin adds, “I gladly accepted the offer to participate on this project.  Despite the fact that I have lived in Bratislava for the last 6 years, ony during my work on this project did I realized how amazing Bratislava’s history.”

A regularly updated blog about the latest news form the Bratislava city life is also an important part of the project.

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