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Bratislava Audio Tour consists of 11 tracks

11. Primate’s Palace

This Audio track describes what you can see inside the Primate’s Palace.

You will also hear about:

  • Mirror hall where the Treaty of Pressburg (German name for Bratislava) was signed between Napoleon’s France and Austria.
  • Who is killing Winter with his golden spear in the inner courtyard.
  • Amazing story of unique English tapestries
  • and what you can see on your way up to the Michael’s Gate.

12. Michael’s Gate

Michael’s Gate is the only remaining gate from the original medieval fortifications. The original Gothic tower from 15th century was redone in Baroque style in 1750s. It is named after angel St. Michael whose copper statue from 1728 you can see on the top of the tower.

In this audio track you will also learn:

  • Legend explaining why there are clocks only on three sides of the tower.
  • where is the narrowest building in Europe (with 130 cm front façade)
  • Why to avoid going through the smaller entrance of the Barbican gate.
  • and last but not least some brief history of Presidential Palace and adjacent garden.

Listen to the audio track or download it now: