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Get complete Bratislava audio tour in MP3 for free

Thank you for your interest but promotion ended 31st of January. You can buy the audio tour or follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you will not miss the next offer.

Do you want to get our Bratislava Audio Tour (value 4.9 EUR) absolutely for free (gratis)?

You do not need to do anything else, just post the tweet or facebook status that you want to get our tour via the button Pay with your tweet and you will get the direct link for download of complete audio tour.

But hurry up, it is limited time offer. Promotion is valid till 31st of January.

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For nerds, here is some more technical information how the whole promotion works.

  1. This promotion is operated via social payment system Pay with a tweet. You will need to allow this application to post the status to your Facebook or Twitter. You can recall this access anytime.
  2. When you post the status, you will get the link to the zip file (40MB) posted on the service Dropbox. It is a great service, give it a try if you need to sync or share your files privately or for public.
  3. Download the file, unzip and enjoy.

The most popular Bratislava sites, most played audio tracks in 2010

We do year-end summary for Bratislava Audio Tour as well. We have started to use service provider Bandcamp for audio distribution about an year ago. You can benefit from this change also in the way that you can now listen to full audio tracks on the website and download it only if you like it.

Bellow is the chart of the most played MP3 tracks from our audio tour. It is also the list of the most popular Bratislava attractions.
It probably  comes as no surprise that Castle and Main Square attracted most listeners. Continue reading The most popular Bratislava sites, most played audio tracks in 2010

Bratislava Audio Tour E-book released

We are proudly announcing the new offering for all tourists and visitors of Bratislava- Bratislava Audio Tour E-book

It is now available in Amazon Kindle Store for the wide range of reading devices- from Kindle e-reader and PC to iPhone, iPod or iPad tablet.

Kindle edition of Bratislava Audio Tour e-book contains all texts used in our recorded audio tour. The content is enriched with pictures, map, GPS co-ordinates and selection of related articles from our website.

We see two ways how to use it:

You can use it as a complementary option to our audio tour tracks, scrolling through the the content while listening the voice of our very human narrator.

Or, if you use Kindle or other device with Text-to-Speech capability, you can use this feature with our e-book for self-guided tour around Bratislava without a need to download any extra audio files.

Among the other devices, our new Bratislava guide ebook is particularly great for reading on these devices:

Add the best Bratislava spots to your To-Do list (in Foursquare)

We added the brand new feature to our website. You can now see a new button on the pages dedicated to individual audio points.
For example on the page about Main Square (Hlavne namestie), you can now find this button:

If you are the user of Foursquare, popular geo-location web service, you can add Bratislava Main Square and other our spots with the slingle button-click into your To-Do list. Foursquare To-Do list consolidates places you want to visit.

Later on, when you get nearby Bratislava center, the Foursquare application on your mobile can remind you to visit and help you to navigate to your To-Do spot, in this case Main square. Visit Foursquare blog post for more details.

We hope you will enjoy it.

Foursquare venues of Bratislava tour- become the first mayor and win two tracks for free


If you are a fan of location-based games like Foursquare or Gowalla, we prepared this Bratislava competition especially for you.

Rules are easy.

Became the first mayor of Primate’s Palace venue


WIN two related audio tracks for free-audio points Primatial Square and Primate’s Palace !


Don’t be shy and shout it to our Twitter @BAudiotour or contact us directly and we will send you the download details for your prize.

(There is a free Wi-Fi network at Primatial square (Primacialne namestie) so you do not need to worry about the roaming charges)

Of course, other audio points of your Bratislava  Audio Tour are now live at Foursquare as well. Check in!

Crazy facts about Bratislava tour- elevation, mileage, calories

If you are a planner personality and prefer to know every piece of detail about the planned tour around Bratislava center, here are some facts we were able to digg out about our Bratislava tour.

You should already know from the introduction that the whole tour should take about 2 hours in the relaxed pace, with about 40 min of audio listening.

Using the online service called Pedometer, you can find some more interesting details.

Total walking distance is 2.4 km (1.5 miles) if you start from the Bratislava Castle Hill to the Michael’s Gate (Michalska brana)

Elevation is about 50 meters and mostly downwards. You can see the details on the attached graph:

Walking complete tour, you would burn about 200 calories (836 joules) assuming the average body weight of 80 kg(176lb). You can input your details directly  at Pedometer page.

What does 200 calories look like? Same amount is in about half liter of Coca Cola or 90 grams of flax bread or less than one blueberry muffin.

Enjoy your tour around Bratislava.

Download from Bandcamp

Bratislava audio points in augmented reality

Are you interested in augmented reality? If you are geeky enough, you can now try this new hit also with our audio tour around Bratislava.

Just point the camera of your phone on any spot during the making tour and application will show you how to get to the next audio point.

Don’t believe us?

Watch the short video bellow from Hviezdoslavovo square with Opera House.

It will show you how to get to the next point- Main Square or back to the St.Martin Cathedral.

In the demo, HTC Android phone is used.

If you want to test it, you need to run AugmentThis! application on your Android phone with GPS enabled. The application is still under developement so you might find it unstable on some phones. Run it on your own risk. You can find more about  augmented reality on wikipedia.

If you do not need to see the route, you can find some audio points of our Bratislava guide also on another application called Layar.  This application is available on both Andoid phones and iPhones with GPS. Use the layer Google directory where are most popular spots of our historical tour presented too.

Happy augmenting.

How to download the audio guide

For downloading the tracks, click on the link.  You will be re-directed to our dedicated micro-site managed by the international music distributor Bandcamp.

You can listen complete tracks for free there.

If you like them, you can download the whole tour in the format and quality you like for only 4.90 EUR. Payments are handled securely via Paypal.

Self-guided Bratislava Audio Tour is your essential MP3 Bratislava guide covering the best attractions of the capital of Slovakia.

Download it now !