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Legends and facts about Slovak coat of arms

I was inspired to write this blog post during my recent walk through the Bratislava castle hill. I heard one tour guide explaining to the big group of German tourists which symbols are represented on the Slovak national coat of arms. He got it wrong. But he was not alone, even the almighty Wikipedia repeats the same error on their pages. Where is the truth then? Continue reading Legends and facts about Slovak coat of arms

02. Castle Hill

Our first Audio point starts at the outer courtyard of the Bratislava Castle on the Castle Hill.

Getting there:

You can walk there in 10 min from city center or use the public transport- trolley bus number 203 from the square Mierovo namestie where the Presidential Palace is situated. It should take about 4 minutes. You can get off when you will see the castle on your left side.

You will be standing in front of the Bratislava Castle and admiring the panoramic view of the river Danube and a newer part of the city.

In this audio track you will also learn:

  • Which Danube bridge has been accommodated by UFO
  • how sounds Slovak national anthem (sung by male choir)
  • which three colours has Slovak Republic on its flag and why
  • where the Parliament has its sessions
  • and more….