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More free Wi-Fi hot-spots in Bratislava center

Twelve new outside Internet hot-spots were put into operation in January 2011 to offer free Internet access to local communities and tourists in Bratislava center. Internet should cover the embankment of the river Danube from the New to Old Bridge (Razusovo and Fajnorovo nabr.).  Taipei Representative Office donated the equipment and access.

In Bratislava center, you can now find the free public Wi-Fi access provided by the local authorities also at Primatial Square and Medicka zahrada garden.

One more reason to look forward to warmer days in Bratislava

Foursquare venues of Bratislava tour- become the first mayor and win two tracks for free


If you are a fan of location-based games like Foursquare or Gowalla, we prepared this Bratislava competition especially for you.

Rules are easy.

Became the first mayor of Primate’s Palace venue


WIN two related audio tracks for free-audio points Primatial Square and Primate’s Palace !


Don’t be shy and shout it to our Twitter @BAudiotour or contact us directly and we will send you the download details for your prize.

(There is a free Wi-Fi network at Primatial square (Primacialne namestie) so you do not need to worry about the roaming charges)

Of course, other audio points of your Bratislava  Audio Tour are now live at Foursquare as well. Check in!

George Clooney and Nicole Kidman in Bratislava

In the blogpost about the movie Hostel, we discussed the piece supposedly located in Bratislava but shot in completely different location. Now we will reverse it.

Vienna, war-time Sarajevo and Manhattan (New York City) were the locations of Holywood blockbuster The Peacemaker from 1997 starring Nicole Kidman and Geroge Cloney. Interestingly enough, all were actually shot in Bratislava : Continue reading George Clooney and Nicole Kidman in Bratislava

10. Primatial Square

This audio track is covering the Primatial square (Primacialne namestie). It is named after the Primate’s Palace which dominates this square. On the opposite site of the square, there is a new Town Hall. Thanks to that, there is a free wi-fi Internet access on the whole square so if you have a laptop or any Wi-Fi enabled device with you, you can sit and surf for a while.

In this audio track you will learn:

  • how the famous alchemist Paracelsus revived the burnt rose
  • and why is he quoted now by Harry Potter and Frankenstein
  • which songs were played on Captain Corelli’s mandoline
  • and where a man who composed them was born
  • where George Clooney and Nicole Kidman visited Russian mafia boss
  • and more..