06. Bird Fountain

Bird FountainOn this audio point, you are standing at the junction of streets Michalska, Laurinska and Panska, next to the simple iron fountain. Its name is the Bird fountain because a lot of birds used to come and drink from the upper water reservoir. In fact, it is not a masterpiece nor historic monument but we can use it as a good stop for the interesting buildings in its surroundings.

Getting there:

From the cathedral, you will go down the stairs and turn left to the Panska street. A first junction is our audio point.

In this audio track you will learn:

  • where can wine gurgle from fountain
  • find a way how Beethoven flirted with noble ladies
  • what was the greatest achievement of queen Marie Therese- 40 years of rule or 16 children
  • what is the weirdest statue in Bratislava
  • and two legends about it- sex/love romance or fun, (you can decide which one you like more)
  • and more…