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Bratislava Audio Tour consists of 11 tracks

01. Introduction

Bratislava Audio Tour will help you to orientate yourself to this city, its people and the culture.

Each audio track describes one place of interest in Bratislava.

The whole tour can be completed in about 4 hours using only your feet and your iPod or other MP3 players. In every track, you will hear info on how to get to the next place but for better orientation, we recommend you to also use the attached map.

Starting with the castle providing the superb panoramic view on the old and new part of the city and even to Austria, then going to a Gothic cathedral where coronations of Hungarian kings were held, old Opera House with the romantic mythological fountain in front, continuing to the Main Square, full of history guarded by the mysterious statue of a knight, then Primate’s Palace with the Mirror Hall where the famous Peace Treaty with Napoleon was signed and finally reaching the Tower gate and classical President’s Palace where famous composer Joseph Haydn used to have concerts.

Bratislava is situated in the foothills of the very small mountains adequately named the Small Carpathians sitting on both banks of the river Danube, which encompasses 370 square kilometers.

It is quite easy to get anywhere from Bratislava. Vienna is about 1 hour by train or car and the borders of Hungary and the Czech Republic are nearby.

The Bratislava airport, 10 min by car from the centre, is administered by the various, mainly low-cost airlines such as Ryanair making direct flights to most European capitals.

Another airport- Schwechat- The Vienna main airport- which is used also for transatlantic flights is only about 40 km away from Bratislava with frequent bus connections to Bratislava.

Bratislava has about half a million inhabitants. It is the capital of Slovak Republic, one of the youngest states in Europe and a member of the European Union, OECD and NATO.

In the mid 19th century, the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen described this city as a fairytale. Nowadays Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak republic evokes this atmosphere more than ever before.

Its cosy nice town centre- where most landmarks are within walking distance- is still not overrun by tourists so you can feel the local atmosphere everywhere around you.

Everything important about these and other places you will hear in this Audio Tour of Bratislava.

This MP3 track is available for free download.

Download, listen and enjoy.

02. Castle Hill

Our first Audio point starts at the outer courtyard of the Bratislava Castle on the Castle Hill.

Getting there:

You can walk there in 10 min from city center or use the public transport- trolley bus number 203 from the square Mierovo namestie where the Presidential Palace is situated. It should take about 4 minutes. You can get off when you will see the castle on your left side.

You will be standing in front of the Bratislava Castle and admiring the panoramic view of the river Danube and a newer part of the city.

In this audio track you will also learn:

  • Which Danube bridge has been accommodated by UFO
  • how sounds Slovak national anthem (sung by male choir)
  • which three colours has Slovak Republic on its flag and why
  • where the Parliament has its sessions
  • and more….

03. Castle

In this audio point we will put our attention to the Bratislava castle itself. The castle is one of the symbols of Bratislava; however its present form is quite new. While listening, you can also walk through the gate to the inner courtyard

In this audio track you will learn:

  • which of four castle towers is the highest
  • what was the beauty ideal 25 thousand years ago (so you can get rid off your weight complex 🙂
  • when  Bush met Putin
  • and more..

04. Good Shepherd

ShephardHouseGetting there:

From the castle, you will probably use the stairs towards to city center and pass the oldest castle gate- Sigismond Gate in the Gothic style to get to this audio point. It is on the way down next to the nice narrow building currently housing the Museum of Clocks- House at the Good Shepherd.

In this audio track you will learn:

  • where you can find the Good Shepherd on the house,
  • why is Jewish Street without Jews,
  • who was coronated in St. Martin’s Cathedral,
  • why you cannot compare it with Notre Dame in Paris
  • how much gold was used for the crown on tower top
  • and more…

06. Bird Fountain

Bird FountainOn this audio point, you are standing at the junction of streets Michalska, Laurinska and Panska, next to the simple iron fountain. Its name is the Bird fountain because a lot of birds used to come and drink from the upper water reservoir. In fact, it is not a masterpiece nor historic monument but we can use it as a good stop for the interesting buildings in its surroundings.

Getting there:

From the cathedral, you will go down the stairs and turn left to the Panska street. A first junction is our audio point.

In this audio track you will learn:

  • where can wine gurgle from fountain
  • find a way how Beethoven flirted with noble ladies
  • what was the greatest achievement of queen Marie Therese- 40 years of rule or 16 children
  • what is the weirdest statue in Bratislava
  • and two legends about it- sex/love romance or fun, (you can decide which one you like more)
  • and more…

08. Main Square (Hlavne namestie)

This audio point starts at Hlavne namestie or the Main Square.

The quadratic square originates from 13th century before the town itself was founded. The square is unusually small as squares in the Middle Ages, needed to be large enough to serve as the market and communion places.
There is a statue of a knight in the middle of the square. It is Maximilian’s fountain named after emperor Maximilan of Habsburgh.

09. Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall is actually a complex of more buildings connected together in the 15th and later centuries. Thanks to that, you can see on one place, nice examples of almost all architectural styles used in Bratislava centre over the centuries: A gothic part with the accented vertical lines, renaissance quadratic windows as well as a baroque tower with plastering façade.

10. Primatial Square

This audio track is covering the Primatial square (Primacialne namestie). It is named after the Primate’s Palace which dominates this square. On the opposite site of the square, there is a new Town Hall. Thanks to that, there is a free wi-fi Internet access on the whole square so if you have a laptop or any Wi-Fi enabled device with you, you can sit and surf for a while.

In this audio track you will learn:

  • how the famous alchemist Paracelsus revived the burnt rose
  • and why is he quoted now by Harry Potter and Frankenstein
  • which songs were played on Captain Corelli’s mandoline
  • and where a man who composed them was born
  • where George Clooney and Nicole Kidman visited Russian mafia boss
  • and more..