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Legends and facts about Slovak coat of arms

I was inspired to write this blog post during my recent walk through the Bratislava castle hill. I heard one tour guide explaining to the big group of German tourists which symbols are represented on the Slovak national coat of arms. He got it wrong. But he was not alone, even the almighty Wikipedia repeats the same error on their pages. Where is the truth then? Continue reading Legends and facts about Slovak coat of arms

03. Castle

In this audio point we will put our attention to the Bratislava castle itself. The castle is one of the symbols of Bratislava; however its present form is quite new. While listening, you can also walk through the gate to the inner courtyard

In this audio track you will learn:

  • which of four castle towers is the highest
  • what was the beauty ideal 25 thousand years ago (so you can get rid off your weight complex 🙂
  • when  Bush met Putin
  • and more..

Updates (Errata)

Thank you for buying Bratislava Audio Tour.

On this page, we publish any differences between the current situation and information provided in Bratislava Audio Tour. Any temporary or seasonal change which has not been reflected in the audio tour yet will be highlighted in this article.

We recommend to read this article before use of audio tour or print it out and take it with you.

Castle Hill

Since June 2010, a new and controversial bronze statue is placed at the outer courtyard of Bratislava Castle. It depicts Svatopluk, ruler of Great Moravian Empire, history of which we discuss also in the Castle Hill audio point. 

Inside the Saint Martin’s Cathedral
Entrance fee is now required for going inside the cathedral for all days excluding Sundays. The cathedral is under reconstruction.

Bird Fountain
The bird fountain is a fountain only partially. Water sprinkles only from the bottom reservoir this summer season (or never). An upper “bird” reservoir is dry.

Main Square
Set-up of the Main Square is changing quite frequently in order to accommodate various events over the year (concerts, feasts, Christmas markets).
It may happen that the Donor benches are temporarily replaced with the souvenir stands during summer.