George Clooney and Nicole Kidman in Bratislava

In the blogpost about the movie Hostel, we discussed the piece supposedly located in Bratislava but shot in completely different location. Now we will reverse it.

Vienna, war-time Sarajevo and Manhattan (New York City) were the locations of Holywood blockbuster The Peacemaker from 1997 starring Nicole Kidman and Geroge Cloney. Interestingly enough, all were actually shot in Bratislava :

Charming George Clooney and sexy Nicole Kidman (next to the red umbrella) are walking through the Vienna city center. Text confirms it and also the horse carriage is typical Viennoise but the square is actually in Bratislava.

A closer look proves it. They meet Armin Mueller Stahl  in front of the  Old Town Hall .

Then they go to visit the Vienna headquarters of one import/export company- a disguise for the arms trafficking. It is not far from the previous location as it is the Primatial square with the Primate’s Palace .

Viennese sequence continues with the ferocious car chase through the Bratislava center (don’t worry, it is pedestrian zone in reality) and ends in front of the Opera House. Clooney the Hero is going to finish up the last remaining evil guys. Astounded Nicole is loosing her sex appeal for a moment.

Let’s change a location now. War-time Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In fact, it is the old Palfy palace at Kapitulska street, not far from the Saint Martin’s Cathedral

And once more Sarajevo- Bosnian Parliament as broadcasted live by CNN. Also this building can be found in Bratislava, at Safarikovo square. It is a central building of the Comenius University.

And now the final sequence of the movie. Always crowded Manhattan. A terrorist carrying the bomb is chased by Cloney and Kidman. As a last resort, he runs into the neo-gothic church in heart of New York City. And you probably know the answer- yes, he is inside the St Martin Cathedral. So not the neo-gothic church from 19th century but the original, built about five hundreds years earlier.

And so story ends.

If you have been to Bratislava before and want to refresh your memories, you may consider to watch this movie. If not amazed by the story and actors, you can at least play the similar game as we did now- Where in Bratislava is…

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